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Transformation  of appartment in Oud-Zuid

The apartment is situated in Amsterdam South, which is known for its picturesque streets of 1930s brick houses. As is characteristic of this neighbourhood, the apartment has a broad front facing the street with rooms organized around a large central hall. We decided to keep the original allocation and to use the entrance hall, which is the essential feature of this apartment, as the trigger to create the new interior.  We thought we could strengthen the spatial and visual connections between the rooms around the hall and transform this classic apartment into a contemporary and spatially dynamic abode.

To achieve this effect, the hall was made asymmetrical by removing the masonry units and all spaces are abstracted by omitting paneling, timbered frames and baseboards. In addition, the size and the position of the doors has changed. In order to emphasize these effects doors at strategic locations, such as the kitchen and bedroom cupboards, got an explicit color.

Photography: Christian Richter, Hotze Eisma

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