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House on Ijburg

To us, a dwelling should have a simple construction, a completely open interior space, a variety of areas where one can enjoy light, ample view to the outside, and a fluent connection between the variety of spaces. This clear-cut vision leads to a challenging design quest when the parcel is small, oriented towards the north and situated in a densely populated area with strict urban planning rules.

Nevertheless, our proposal is quite simple. We have placed two plateaus on two different levels in a 6.4 meter high space so that the spaces relate to each other diagonally. A sense of depth and continuity within the dwelling is achieved by making the various levels transparent and by providing the first level on the street-side with a great deal of light and a view out to the garden. The connection between the plateaus, in this case, is not detrimental to the quality of the design nor does it make the spaces less specific. Our proposal is minimal in a sense that one experiences only the space that evolves from the entrance way to the garden and to the upstairs; as if the walls and floors that normally form the physical barriers of these spaces did not exist. It’s all about experiencing light and air.

Amsterdam IJburg, The Netherlands
May 2008
Private client
Project architect: Annemarijn Haarink
Collaborator: Olivier Langejan
Floor Area:
204 m²
Building costs:
340.000 euro

Photography: Christian Richter

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