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Waiting space of Station Almelo

We have been asked in the context of " Convenient Waiting' 'to do some interventions to improve the quality of Station Almelo. The station of Almelo is situated on the outskirts of the city and serves as an important hub for various traffic flows. This makes it  on the platform and around the station always crowded with people who for instance go from the platform to the bicycle parking, the bus or to the school and vice versa.

The current station building is architecturally of very high quality. It symbolizes the dynamics and the flow of traffic. Our proposal is to use the space for the passage of travelers, the information services, ticket machines, the space to wait briefly and the quiet waiting area to organize in the station. To improve the visual relationship between the station hall, the square and the bus station by the extension of the floor of the station hall to outside and a better organization of the station. To improve the visual relationship between the station and the platforms. To reorganize the platform with new waiting area and a kiosk in the old civil service building. To make the platform instinctively feel less deep it seems to us highly desirable to let the train to Mariënberg end not quite at the end of the platform, but to make it stop more close to the station.

Renovation station hall, station square and waiting building
Station Almelo, The Netherlands
March 2012
Station square: Parklaan landschapsarchitecten
Project architect: Anne Boonstra
Collaborator: Jasper Grool
Floor Area:
340 m2
Building costs:
280.000 euro

Photography: Jeroen Musch

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