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Renovation of town house

Verbouwing van woning

This recently built new house in so-called year-30 style lacks, although on the outside it has a richer decoration than that of a modern style, inside the broad dimensions of a real year-30 house. Our client is struggling with the cramped interior space especially due to the low ceiling.

We have therefore lowered the kitchen about one meter towards the garden so that this room is more spacious and more comfortable, and receives more light and view from the garden. The standard and allure free stairs is replaced by an oval wooden staircase. In the dining room is a warm but sleek kitchen made with redceder wood. By some minimal interventions with a careful and clear idea and execution with good craftmanship, this standard house was transformed into a personal and unique house.

Renovation private residence
Pyrmontkade, Utrecht, The Netherlands
March 1997
Project architect: Olivier Langejan
Floor Area:
80 m2

Photography: Luuk Kramer

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