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Renovation of house  in Oud-Zuid

Due to various renovations over the years this beautiful mansion from 1903 near the Vondelpark lacked a clear entrance that is in balance with the quality of the house as a whole. A cluttered entrance with 80s spiral staircase was transformed by us as a new welcome space which can properly connect the very dynamic and extensive floors. The new curved steel staircase which is situated in the middle of the wall of the entrance is the driving force of the space. This entrance is also the center point of the house. Here one is directed in a logical and spatial way to the office, the nursery, the bathroom and the bedrooms. The sliding doors transform the space as a closed entrance or as a connection of the rooms on the garden side and on the street side. Also on the first floor the original spatial structure of front and back room are disappeared and because of the extension in the garden a special trichotomy and weird ceiling jumps are present. By this illogical transformation this stately and historic building has, without neglecting its  stateliness, a special openness and dynamism. This character makes this rather traditional townhouse very fresh and modern. So we wanted to strengthen this openness and surprising differentiation of heights more with a new kitchen element, the rounded staircase balustrade and placing the furniture. After this renovation the building as a whole has a new entity created by the allure of a typical villa around the Vondelpark and the modernity of openness and dynamism.

Renovation and interior
Amsterdam-South, The Netherlands
July 2011
Private client
Project architect: Jasper Grool
Collaborator: Ilse Landwehr Johann
Floor Area:
210 m2
Building costs:
260.000 euro

Photography: Christian Richter

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