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Group Home for Elderly

The Japanese housing market is affected by the increase in the average age (aging) and the individualization of the elderly. We were approached by a dozen seniors with a request to design a residential area where they could live an independent and creative way. The result is a group care home, built on a green hill on the coast. For each occupant is sufficient privacy in the individual rooms, which can be divided according to your wishes. At the same time there are the common areas, which reflect the intimacy of a family home.

Group home for ten inhabitants
Kanagawa, Japan
September 2000
Manazuru Kyouseisya
Mitsuru Hamashita, M2H Architects, Tokyo, Japan
Etsuko Yamada
Floor Area:
750 m2
Building costs:
320.000.000 yen

Photography: Satoshi Asakawa

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