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Pavillion in the forest

The day cafe is situated on a point of contact between the forest, the field and the heath near a residential area. It is a natural green environment as a whole, however, here come different landscapes and species together. The pavilion is the heart of this special environment. It is a place both for children and their parents, and here the parents can keep a good overview about their children playing. It is also a resting place for walkers and people who enjoy nature. Here different people meet each other. There is a place for the neighborhood and the environment where one can enjoy the scenery and greenery.

Simplicity, lightness and informality is the essence of the design. The roof of the pavilion (mushroom) consists of seven simple steel and wood construction parts, an umbrella structure. The wooden ribs of the roof should be as equal as construction and finishing. So it remains simple and pure. The whole or a part is closed with a folding façade, these will sometimes be open and closed at times, depending on the weather and use. This so-called mushroom structure stands on a platform of stones, so that the pavilion is raised about 1 meter. This terrace offers a beautiful view to the heath and the playground. By staircases and ramps this stage is in a playful way connected with the court. The curved walls of the cafe layout flow from the stone platform. For us, this brick podium and the walls are an imaginary reference point of the remaining fortifications.

New cafe space
Bussum, The Netherlands
August 2008
Municipality of Bussum
Project architect: Jasper Grool
Collaborator: Kenya Sato, Anne Boonstra
Floor Area:
155 m²

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