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Visitor center Oostvaardersplassen

For a competition of the National Forestry, we have designed a visitors center in the Oostvaardersplassen in collaboration with Landlab landscape architects.

The road to the wilderness leads the traveler away from civilization. The tight polder along vast fields into a meandering route through dark forest, along high reeds or a narrow bridge over marshy land. The passenger makes a step to the origin and goes back to the primordial nature. The explorer comes ashore and looks around. The open space in the forest gives a familiar feeling. In this a open space, sunlight is captured by a curved sculpture, it seems to float above the water. The traveler has found his destiny. This connects the traveler with the expansive nature of the Oostvaardersplassen. Apart from the organized world, the senses open and new impressions get a chance. The traveler goes meandering through the light and transparent pavilion. It feels like an embrace, and leads to a round reflective water surface: the source. The roof captures a rainwater basin and leads it back into nature. The circle is complete. The water moves along and is the basis of the formation of the surrounding swamp. From here travelling further is no stating: nature calls and promises adventure.

New visitors building
Landlab landscape architects
Project architect: Jasper Grool
Collaborator: Kenya Sato
Floor Area:
180 m2

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