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Transformation of dike house

On the Durgerdammerdijk in Durgerdam we renovated and expanded a dike house to increase the living comfort. In the design we took the characteristics of the environment as a starting point for the design. The house has its entrance to the crest of the dike overlooking the gray waters of the IJ river. At the back, the house offers panoramic views of green meadows.
This transition in landscapes between front and back, we reverted into the design with a simple design and the spatial sequence of the different rooms like the bathroom, bedroom, patio, new living kitchen and garden.

Renovation and extension
Durgerdam, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
March 2002
Private client
Project architect: Olivier Langejan
Collaborator: Etsuko Yamada
Floor Area:
178 m²
Building costs:
200.000 euro

Photography: Luuk Kramer

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