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Restauration of Japanese Embassy in the Hague

The building of the Japanese Embassy in The Hague is a monument built in 1912. The outer wall and the tower is made from a combination of the Tuff and Upper Kirchner sandstone. And especially the parts that are performed Tuff were in very bad condition. Besides the building was both architectural and installation technically not well maintained the last 30 years. We have been asked in 2004 to develop an integrated vision of the restoration and renovation of the building. Since then, a number of activities such as replacing the balustrade of the terrace is done and the stone tower was restored.

This project is planned in close consultation and implemented in cooperation with the stone monument care specialist, now National Heritage Board. In addition to the sensitivity of the particular stone work, we had also to do with the protocol of the Embassy with strict rules on security and entering the building of all stakeholders. 

September 2007
Embassy of Japan in The Netherlands
Project architect: Olivier Langejan
Collaborator: Jasper Grool
Building costs:
470.000 euro

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